We’ve added two new publications to our media lineup – eeDesignIt and PartProcurer! is a terrific independent media property with content that caters to seasoned engineers looking for the latest products to incorporate into designs, DIYers looking for inspiration or anyone interested in learning about the industry, its key players and tech breakthroughs. is dedicated to electronics procurement professionals and engineers who purchase their own parts. This platform equips professionals involved in the supply chain with buying, logistics, tech and product news, as well as tips, industry insights, market outlook and all the resources needed to excel in the field.

Both eeDesignIt and PartProcurer are backed by an extensive team of technical and engineering experts working to help companies create content that speaks to all points of the journey. This includes content formats like blog posts, long-form technical articles, white papers, eBooks, case studies and more.

Send a message if you’d like the media kit(s) or more info!


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