Electronic Engineering & Product World China

We haven't yet received the 2021 media kit for EEPW China, but core offerings are fairly consistent from year-to-year.

This is a terrific platform for Chinese engineers and marketers - please take a look at the 2020 media data if China is a priority market for you.

Their print edition is published 11x per year with a circulation of 37,000 and the website has a whopping 750,000 registered users with 7.6M monthly page views!

Aside from a wide range of run-of-site and targeted banner options, there are opportunities for white paper sponsorship (lead gen), email list rental, live or OnDemand webinar packages, customized microsites, Wechat for mobile marketing, an IoT Development Conference and the list goes on.

I want to make special mention of EETV. Take a look at the brands using this channel and although it's in native language, you can see how it is organized by product category/industry. Your existing English language videos can be used by adding Simplified Chinese subtitles - see this ADI example.

Email us if you’d like more information or pricing.


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