A Fond Farewell to the Print Editions of eeNews and Microwave Engineering Europe

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

European Business Press (EBP) has been successfully publishing print magazines since the 90's. It comes as a surprise to no one that as digital platforms have grown and evolved, print readerships have struggled to be profitable. Four out of the five EBP brands are now fully digital - eeNews, eeNews Embedded, Smart2Zero and Microwave Engineering Europe. Our French language engineering title, Electronique Composants & Insturmentation, will continue to be offered in both print and digital formats as always.

Take a look at the history of EBPs flagship brand, eeNews, as published in the final print edition (Dec 2020).

With the departure of print, there is new energy behind our online offerings. Worthy of a mention:

  1. A clean-scrubbed database which has led to improved lead quality and volume from our White Paper programs.

  2. We have just begun offering OnDemand Webinar Sponsorship packages.

  3. We have added to our Newsletter offerings with higher impact placements like a Customer Corner which includes a logo and three product features/links. See Infineon example:

  4. Content sponsorship, with supporting promotions in relevant sections of the site(s), via newsletters, and social media:

EBPs network of sites are visited by 178K+ unique readers each month, generating 315K page views.

If you’d like details and rates for our new (or old) media offerings, shoot me an email!


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